(Seminar: Universal Tarot of Masters of Light – T.U.M.)

Ouranoupolis – a discrete neighbor and vestibule towards the Mount Athos, located on the beautiful sandy beach, resembling a reef, with impeccably clean crystal waters. Fragrances of plants and the incense blend up with the sounds from the nearby monasteries’ bells, announcing the evening prayers. In complete harmony with the element Ether, at this place of opening to the Holiness and Spirituality, we enter the world of Universal Archetypes.

Greece – Ouranoupolis / Mount Athos

Departures: May / June 2015

Transport: By bus

Day 1 – Gathering of travellers on Sava Center’s plateau at 10:30 pm. Night driving to Greece, with short rest stops.

Day 2 – Arrival in Ouranoupolis in the morning, accommodation in the hotel, free time for rest and relaxation, swimming in the sea… Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Breakfast. In the morning, a joint meditation on the element Ether.

Free afternoon. Dinner and overnight stay.

„Ether is the quintessence of all other forces of Nature. Its role is to enable the movement of energies through the weft. This is the Force of the Forces which makes possible the life to be eternal under other aspects and in other spaces. In harmony with the sense of touch.“

„Traite de Tellurologie Theorie – Pratique”

D. Didier

Day 4 – Breakfast. Begging of the Seminar of Universal Tarot of Masters of Light – T.U.M.

Dinner and overnight stay.

An Archetype is simultaneously a thought, a conceptualization and a divine creation which precedes and leads towards the realization of the Creation. In other words, in order to understand the concept of Universal Archetypes we must start from the first instant of the Big Bang, that magnificent explosion which contained “all” before their own multiplication. Although scientists can not penetrate before that unique moment, we can imagine that what had preceded it, e.g., the Eden space, alchemical crucible in which the Deity adjusts its measures before starting the great concert of life. In that way every archetype has derived from the divine providence and became real only after the formation of the universe and its planetary systems in which the kingdoms are to play their music compositions as they were designed in advance.“

„Tarot Universel des Maîtres“

D. Didier

Day 5 – Breakfast. Seminar T.U.M.

Man, a spark of the universal man, is a great secret and mystery as the universe itself. One of the keys for living a fulfilled life is to work on the own unconsciousness, on records and nodes that we weave every day… Using the weft of symbols, which are in harmony with the present moment and with the evolution level of the Humanity, the T.U.M. brings light of universality into our unconsciousness. The keys of the T.U.M. open the doors of our potentials, teaching us the active use of our intuition, and, through our own feeling, gives us the awareness of the reality of life.

  • griechisches kloster auf athos
  • Tangerin tree
  • angel in the sky
  • 雲の階段

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6 – Breakfast. T.U.M.

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 – Breakfast, free time and a joint visit to Ouranoupolis, a small town at the foothill of the Mount Athos. A stroll through the authentic ambiance of this place, where before sunrise and at sunset can be heard the monks’ chants from the surrounding monasteries… Return to the hotel. Active meditation on elements Weft/Ether, in correspondence with the sense of touch, will be shared on the sea coast.

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 8 – Breakfast. Free time until the hour planned for the departure. Short rest stops. Arrival in Belgrade in the late hours of the night.


Price: 349 €

This price includes only the items announced in the programme, such as: hotel accommodation, transfers, tours and aforementioned meals; anything not covered by herein foreseen provisions is considered a personal expense.