Programme 4 – THE ELEMENT FIRE

(Seminar: Volcanoes and Magic Candle Flows)

Sicily – regarded as Cyclops Polyphemus’ homeland, the liveliest, most intriguing and most densely populated island of the Mediterranean, with the fascinating countryside and picturesque villages, along with volcanoes and lava representing the Planet’s blood, which arouses the blood of all its inhabitants and visitors. That’s why it is said that the Sicilians are people with hot, volcanic temperament.

ITALY – Sicily

Departures: May / June 2015

Transport: By plane

Day 1 – Gathering of travellers at the local airport, two hours before the flight. Transfer to the 3* hotel. Free time. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 – Breakfast. A possibility of a group visit to the typical Sicilian village of Forza d’ Agro and Savoka where the legendary film “The Godfather” was made. Visit to the Cathedral St. Lucia, a short brake to enjoy the espresso or ‘granita’ at the Bar “Vitelli”. Return to the hotel. In the afternoon free time or a group visit to the most fashionable resort in Sicily – Taormina, to walk down the main street, see the Greek Amphitheater, Di Stefano Palace, St.Catherine’s Church, St. Nicholas’s Church, the Municipality Hall… Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Breakfast. Joint meditation on the element Fire.

Dinner and overnight stay.

„Fire is the oldest element of creation, it is the action of telluric currents of the Earth; when lava flows, the Earth is in fusion, expressing force of the Fire. It is blood of the Earth. The Fire instigates people to war and fight. The Earth feeds forces but at the same time forces feed the Earth. When animal or human blood is spilt, that is in vibratory correspondence with the Fire. In symbolic and energetic terms, the Fire is energy of creation and purification… The energy of fire is related to the sense of sight.“

„Bougies et coulées magiques“

D. Didier

Day 4 – Breakfast, and all-day Seminar Volcanoes and Magic Candle Flows.

The revelatory teachings about the Earth’s fire, is associated with the eternal magic of candles and invites us to enter the mystical world of volcanoes’ tellurism for discovering of their effectiveness. Mastering the appropriate skills of casting magic flows of candles, we reveal the significance of symbolism of Fire. Candles represent volcanoes, whereas the flows of dissolved wax, symbolize the lava.

  • Stromboli island
  • Burning candle on a black background
  • Candles light.
  • lens flare
  • Serene young woman with arms outstretched doing yoga in the dese

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5 – Breakfast. The Seminar ends in the morning. Free afternoon for individual needs. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6 – Breakfast. A possibility of climbing Etna, the biggest and the only active volcano in Europe, with over 400 extinct and several active craters at 1900 metres above sea level. Followed by a free time for strolling around and sightseeing, for the true adventurers there is an opportunity to climb by cable car up to the crater which was active in 2001, at the height of 2900 metres. Return to the hotel, free time for individual needs. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 – Breakfast and free time until the hour planned for the transfer to the local airport. Return flight to the initial place of departure.


Price: 399 € + Airfare.

This price includes only the items announced in the programme, such as: hotel accommodation, transfers, tours and aforementioned meals; anything not covered by herein foreseen provisions is considered a personal expense.