(Seminar: Active Meditation of the Present Time)

Red Sea, whose name comes from red corals abounding in its waters, has the most diverse marine life that eyes could ever imagine, which opens up before us once we overcome our fears of the deep blue and immerse freely in this endless world of creation that only nature could make. Listening to their subtle messages, the human sense of hearing enters in full connection with the element water.

EGYPT – Sharm el Sheikh

Departures: May / June 2015

Transport: By plane

Day 1 – Gathering of travellers at the local airport, two hours before the flight. Arrival in Sharm el-Sheikh, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 – Breakfast. In the morning, a joint meditation on the element Water.

„The force of Air is a force that blows, sweeps, destabilizes, pulls away, devastates, carries, tears, destroys, ravaging forces as all forces when they are unleashed. It can also be gentle, caressing, raise. Birds in particular are in harmony with this force and embody it. Other animals, by their sense of smell, are also in harmony with this force that enables them to identify their world and recognise themselves.”

“The Metal is a sub-force which associates with air and fire to be forged. Then it receives a form that is given by the energy of consciousness, symbolized by water. Air/Metal “the connecting bridge” which enables the passage of Fire to Water…“

„Feng-Shui & jardins de lumières“

D. Didier, J.F. & C. Mermillod

Free evening for individual needs. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Breakfast. A joint trip to Ras Mohamed, the liveliest meeting place of the most beautiful and most colorful fishes of the Red Sea, where we may swim surrounded by stingrays, morays, shoals of blue fishes. Picnic-lunch. In the afternoon, the activities like snorkling or diving… to be immersed in this endless blue discovering the sensation of protection and safety it provides. A joint meditation on ‘Germs of Life’, a complete fulfilling experience about the origins of life in water. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 – Breakfast. Beginning of the seminar of Active Meditation of the Present Time.

The Active Meditation of the Present Time, is a guided meditation.The energy emanates from the planet’s core, while passing through, it nourishes all its kingdoms: the mineral, the plant, the animal, and when it reaches the human beings, it awakes each of their cells, animates each of their energetic centers, conquers each of their plexuses, and connects them with the core of the Sun. The Active Meditation of the Present Time reveals our energetic structure, teaches how to position on one’s own identity, and how to attain the mental silence in order to enter into serenity of the mental emptiness.

  • Underwater world. Coral fishes of Red sea. Egypt
  • Serene young woman with hands together in prayer pose  in the de
  • Underwater view

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5 – Breakfast. A joint meditation on the element Water, in harmony with the sense of hearing. In the afternoon, departure to the Saint Catherine’s Monastery. Accommodation in monastic residences. Supper and overnight stay.

Day 6 – At two o’clock in the morning, departure to the Moses Hill, located over the monastery, where Moses received the 10 commandments. Hiking and climbing for two hours. Once we get over the top of the hill, a joint meditation that precedes the sunrise, will take place. Return to the monastery. Breakfast. Driving back to Sharm el-Sheikh. Free afternoon for individual needs.

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 – Breakfast. During the morning hours, a joint Active Meditation of the Present Time. Free afternoon for individual needs. After dinner, a visit to Nama Bay, the centre of Sharm el-Sheikh, a small town with the latest fashion trends; a short brake to savour the Karkadé tea of hibiscus petals, purchase of souvenirs… Return to the hotel and overnight stay.

Day 8 – Free time until the hour planned for the transfer to the local airport. Return flight to the initial place of departure.


Price: 399 € + Airfare.

This price includes only the items announced in the programme, such as: hotel accommodation, transfers, tours and aforementioned meals; anything not covered by herein foreseen provisions is considered a personal expense.