Programme 1a – THE ELEMENT EARTH

(Seminar: Telurology and Energetic Sciences)

Rila – Intact, as in times when it was created… the mountain in whose all larger cavities have settled glacial lakes, that like precious stones decorate and essentially enrich all other existing beauty of the entire environment. The proximity to the famous Rila Monastery contributes to this impressive overall vision of the ambiance which Rila mountain offers to the sight of an intentional traveller… At this particularly vigorous


Departures: May / June 2015

Transport: By bus

Day 1 – Gathering of travellers, at Sava Center’s plateau at 11:00 pm. Leaving to Bulgaria at 11:30 pm. Night driving with short rest stops.

Day 2 – Arrival in Borovets in the morning, accommodation in the hotel. Free time for a walk, rest and recreation. In the afternoon, a joint meditation on the element Earth.

“The Earth is womb, it protects, accommodates, gives life, she is the guardian of life. On a symbolic level, the strength of the Earth are the ‘materia prima separated from waters’; It allows fertility.”

“The Earth element, for the rise of the cycle, brings the stability, the balance, the sense of justice, joys of nature, the respect of traditions.”

„Traite de Tellurologie Theorie – Pratique“

D. Didier

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Breakfast. Departure in the morning to the Rila Monastery. This unique complex is one of the most sacred Orthodox shrines, located at an altitude of 1.150 metres. Proclaimed as a world heritage it is under the protection of UNESCO. On the way back, a brief stop will be made for refreshments and lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, a joint meditation on the element Earth, in harmony with the sense of taste.

Day 4 – Breakfast. Seminar of Energetic Sciences (E.S.).

We live in a world of energies – visible and invisible. Mainly we are at their service, although we have no awareness of that. The E.S. (Energetic Sciences) teaches about the connection between This Side and the Other Side, as well as about the connection between each of our cells with each cell of the universe… revealing how the forces of the universe manifest in our every day life. Special keys and techniques used by the E.S. provide real answers and solutions showing us an easy way how to live in harmony with oneself and with the environment.

  • Yoga in the desert
  • meditation and yoga practicing at sunset
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  • Planet Earth

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5 – Breakfast and departure to Rila Lakes. The Seven Rila Lakes are the most notable natural attractions of Bulgaria. They are of glacial origin, located in the Dangskiya region, scattered at the foot of the Rila mountain massif. Each of them is named after the shape of which resembles, so the highest is ‘The Tear’ and the deepest ‘The Eye’. All the lakes are interconnected by natural streams, but how many of them we will be able to visit, depends upon the spiritual and physical strength of the group. Refreshments and lunch at the mountain shelter.

Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6 – Breakfast. Free time. Return to Belgrade, starting around noon, and arrival in the late hours of the night.


Price: 249 €

This price includes only the items announced in the programme, such as: hotel accommodation, transfers, tours and aforementioned meals; anything not covered by herein foreseen provisions is considered a personal expense.