Editor’s letter

Dear travellers, adventurers, explorers,

IMG_5176-300x225The tourism which we have known and have experienced until now – no longer offers enough. Since a very long time that we are neither relaxed nor satisfied with flying off to another city, to accommodate us in a hotel and spend all day lying on the beach, pausing for three meals and few snacks.

It is necessary that we are active participants in our own holydays, and instead of being tourists we become ‘adventurists’, who travel to those places where we may experience a positive inner change, open our horizons and come back to our old life with new ideas…

Following this guiding idea, the Vibe Club was established as a non-profit association which brings together members and all interested parties around the humanistic, scientific, environmental, and tourist projects, including seminars and workshops, in line with the spirit of the present time.

This concept of tourism, came as a result of 25 years of experience, both through active work in tourism as well as on self-awareness. Countless adventures of consciousness were shared with thousands of people around the world, and that was what prompted the creation of the Vibe Club as an inseparable buckle between:

– the tourism as a human need for discovering of our planet’s beauties and enjoying it, along with

-various techniques of vibratory energetic work allowing our deepest Being to get in touch with oneself, with the own senses and own authentic reality.

IMG_4896-300x225Our offer consists of travel programmes with seminars and workshops included, to be carried out at specifically selected places in accordance with the idea about ​the universal conscious man. Each programme is designed to respond, in a creative and harmonious way, to various issues and challenges facing the contemporary man, aiming to develop the own individual keys through practical methods, and be able to initiate the conscious self-cognition.

The seminar topics refer to eternal mysteries on human spirit while the proposed programmes lead us to discover the six elements of nature and six creative forces common to all beings on this Planet.

In tune with universal rhythm of the present time, the Vibe Club mediates between the organizers of tourist stays in chosen countries and club members who participate in corresponding programmes and also in selection of lecturers who come from all over the world to share their knowledge and conduct seminars.

On behalf of Vibe Club and all its associates, I am pleased to invite you to initiate with us this consciousness adventure, and choose among the presented programmes, those which are in affinity with your inner aspirations and interests; here are 6 specially selected locations, with 7 different seminars, for 8 actively organized days, aiming to raise vibratory levels of your beings and discover the beauty of your inner landscapes.

With a welcoming smile

Vesna Jelić


VIBE CLUB – Serbia

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